Auto Fuel prices were increased for third straight day

Petrol and diesel prices continued to increase nationwide for the third straight day on Saturday

The auto fuel prices in India were hiked for the third consecutive day on Saturday, October 16.
For the third straight day in Delhi, the prices of petrol and diesel were hiked by rupees 0.35.
The rise in fuel prices in the national capital took petrol to rupees 105.49 per litre and diesel to rupees 94.22 per litre.
Petrol rates were increased by rupees 0.34 in Mumbai and now it retails at rupees 111.43 which is the highest among all the metro cities.
While, the rates of diesel increased by rupees 0.37 to rupees 102.15 in the financial hub of the country.
In West Bengal's Kolkata, petrol and diesel cost at rupees 106.10 per litre and rupees 97.33 per litre, respectively.
Petrol and diesel, in Chennai retails at rupees 102.70 per litre and rupees 98.59 per litre, respectively.
Oil Marketing companies (OMCs) started increasing the auto fuel rates over a week ago. The pause on the rates on October 12 and October 13 came after a seven-day consecutive hike.

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