Bengaluru doctor harvest flesh from abdomen to get a new tongue

The first of its kind surgery in Karnataka gives hopes to the patients suffering from same kind of trauma

Medical technology has advanced in recent years and many miracles are reported from around the world, this time a wonder done in heart of India, in Bengaluru.

The incident happen when a 53 year old auto-rickshaw driver had developed an ulcer on his mouth. After doctor suggested him to do a CT scan and biopsy, it is revealed that the man has growing cancerous cell inside the half of his tongue which extended up to his lymph nodes.

In order to stop the spread of the cancerous cell, the doctor had performed radical surgery that had led removal of three fourth of the right tongue and lymph nodes from both sides of the neck.

In order to restore the man’s tongue a reconstructive surgery was done on 5th March 2021. Dr Satish C was performed the surgery in a unique way. According to him “Generally, a part of the flesh along with skin from patient’s outer body part is reframed into tongue and sewn together in such cases. But, we came up with a very unique solution for this case.” The doctors have harvested a part from the patient’s stomach and made it into the brand new tongue. The stomach fold was reversed to make the outer layer of the tongue. The complex surgery that lasted for 8 to 10 hours is fruitful now.

The reason to harvest tongue from stomach because of general reconstruction is very uncomfortable for the patients. It contains hair follicles in them; there is always chance of hair growth on the outer layer of the new tongue. Also, the skin is extremely dry compared to regular tongue which makes the patients feel thirsty always. To avoid these inconveniences the brand new tongue is harvested from stomach.

The patient is now recovering well. The newly attached flap looks almost identical to his original tongue and stays moist. The patient is able to have normal food and also speaks well. This is a first-of-its-kind surgery in Karnataka. The hospital has also given a considerable discount on the treatment cost. This is a new hope of patients who are suffering from same trauma.

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