Birds, Butterflies, 1700 Trees: Bengaluru Man Grows Terrace Jungle

He doesn’t need cooler or AC, in spite of living in a city which faces scorching heat in summer

A little bit of nature in the urban jungle. With the increase in high rise and pollution, the nature seems to be missing from the heart of big cities. In an innovative idea a man from Bengaluru, has created a flourishing urban jungle on his terrace with 300 varieties of trees that host 50 types of butterflies and about a dozen birds.

The man identified as Nataraja Upadhya, a retired engineer from Bengaluru, works for years for achieve this fruitful milestone of bringing nature in the heart of city. He created the jungle on his terrace for keeping his house cool, he says he does not use a fan in summer.

The idea struck in his mind in the early summer of 2010, when he feel that he need to set up a water cooler to deal with the imminent heat. As he geared up for temperatures to soar in Bengaluru, where he lives, he thought of how he could help regulate the temperature in his own home. Nataraja then began growing plants in rice bags and discarded containers. Nataraja said “I started by growing a few vegetables and medicinal plants. My home has a terrace of around 1,500 sq-ft, which opened the potential to grow bigger plants and trees. So by 2012, I started growing trees in recycled 55-litre drums.” 

Over years his efforts bring colours, now in his terrace there are 300 varieties of plants, including 100 trees of 72 species, creepers, fruit trees, and vegetables. The terrace has a dense green cover, with trees including moringa, bamboo, drumstick, tamarind, and wild fig. The garden hosts 50 varieties of butterflies, about a dozen species of birds, hundreds of insects, squirrels, and bats, among others.

It also beneficial to nature, as all waste is converted into compost. This also helps in more oxygen generation in the space, and people around get fresh air. It benefitted the community at large, and not limited to a personal level.

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