Brazilian Artist Creates Huge Street Mural With Ash from Forest Fires

Mundano used ashes from the burned Amazon rainforest to create the street mural

Brazilian artist Mundano created an enormous street mural in Sao Paulo of a firefighter standing amidst deforestation, forest fires and dead animals.


Mundano used ashes from the burned Amazon rainforest to create the street mural.


The Brazilian artist said, "I'm using evidence of the crime," and called his 1,000-square-metre or 10,000-square-ft artwork on the side of a building an act of "artivism".


Mundano travelled fir over 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) across Brazil during June and July, and collect ashes from the Amazon rainforests, the Pantanal wetland region, the Cerrado tropical savannah and the Atlantic Forests and has also met several firefighters and volunteers to listen to their stories.


Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President has struggled to deliver on a pledge to put an end on illegal forest clearing in the the world's largest rainforests, with his calls for more farming and mining instead of encouraging illegal loggers.


Mundano said that this street mural is a protest and a cry for help and said that he supports fire brigades and also for this fire culture to stop, it's leading the world to self-destruction.


The satellites has recorded 28,060 fires in Amazon rainforest, a vital defence against climate change because of the vast amount of carbon dioxide that its plant life absorbs and stores, and deforestation too surged in September.

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