BSNL Employees Union calls for demonstration against asset monetisation

Centre has decided to hand over 2.86 lakh km of Bharatnet Optic Fibre as well as 14,917 mobile towers of BSNL and MTNL

The state run telecom firn BSNL's Employees Union has called upon all employees of the state-run telco to protest on Friday against the Centre's asset monetisation plan.


The union employees in a statement alleged that the government in the name of "National Monetisation Pipeline" (NMP) has decided to hand over the national assets at throw away price to the corporates.


The union statement also said that the argument of the government that, the ownership of these national assets will continue to remain with the government itself and is nothing but a 'sugar-coated poison'.


The BSNL's union statement further says, "To express its opposition to Monetisation, BSNLEU calls upon the entire BSNL employees to organise protest Lunch Hour Demonstrations throughout the country tomorrow on August 27, 2021."


According to the BSNL's union employees, it is agitating that the union government has decided to hand over 2.86 lakh kilometre of Bharatnet Optic Fibre as well as 14,917 mobile towers of BSNL and MTNL.


The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said on Wednesday amidst the rising criticism of the NMP, that under the plan nothing will be sold off and there will mandatory handing back of the national assets to the central government.


The centre asset monetisation plan focuses to raise rupees 6 lakh crore in over a four-year period that is from FY22 to FY25.

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