Cases of Japanese Encephalitis syndrome detected in Sivasagar district

Along with the rest of the country, Sivasagar is fighting hard to check COVID-19 and Japanese encephalitis

At a time when the country is fighting hard to check COVID-19, Sivasagar if fighting with cases of COVID-19 as well as cases Japanese Encephalitis (JE) which have been reported from various parts of the district.


The Sivasagar Health Department has informed that of the 14 cases of Japanese Encephalitis syndrome has been detected in the Sivasagar district.


Currently, four patients are undergoing treatment at AMCH in Dibrugarh while the others have been discharged.


The surged in JE syndrome in the district raised concern as till now the disease has affected people in Geleky, Demow, Morabazar, Gaurisagar and Kaloogaon in the district.


The Sivasagar Health Department official said that Geleky and Demow are most affected araes.


The Health official also said with the COVID-19 guidelines, a veil has been undertaken in the vulnerable areas and other Standard Operating Procedures are being observed to keep the virus under check.


Japanese encephalitis syndrome is a condition of brain inflammation caused by both bacterial and viral infections.


The Common symptoms are fever, headaches, seizures, disorientation and vomiting in people and if the syndrome not treated quickly, it can result in death.


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