CM Stalin may 'turn into a Dictator if....'

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin said he would turn into a 'dictator' if malpractices increased during his rule

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday said that if malpractices and
indiscipline increased in his rule, he would turn into a 'dictator' to take action.

Addressing local body representatives in Namakkal, CM Stalin stated that they
should act as per law and for the people and claimed that strict action would be
taken against those who are not following the law.

“My close friends are stating that I’ve turned too democratic. Democracy is about
listening and respecting everyone’s opinion. Democracy is not that anyone can do
anything. I haven’t turned that way, but if indiscipline and malpractices increase, I’ll
turn into a dictator and take action. I’m not saying this to the local body
representatives alone but to everyone,”he said.

CM Stalin also instructed women representatives not to give away their
responsibilities to their husbands.

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