Colorful lights along with laser show to make Ayodhya deepotsav grand

Special arrangements are made in the place popularly known as 'Ram Ki Paidi'

The festival of Diwali is just round the corner and so in Ayodhya this year amid Covid-19 the festival will be celebrated in a grand way like never before.
One of the most popular and holy places in the world for the Hindu religion, the place of Shree Ram will be again making this year's Deepotsav special as more than 9 lakh Diyas will be lit up and many other special initiatives will be taken by the authorities and government of the state.
All the local places are cleaned. Special arrangements are made in the place popularly known as 'Ram Ki Paidi'.
The place has a series of ghats on the bank of the river Saryu in Ayodhya.
Like ever, a large number of Hindu pilgrims visit here every day to take a sacred bath in holy Saryu waters. As the river front brings forth the majestic landscape especially in floodlit night, the place will be decorated with diyas and images of the Hindu gods will be made through diyas.
The place is already covered with colourful lights and this year it is planned a special Lazer light show will take place. All the preparations are set in the holy place and along with all these decorations and glittering lights, the place will also be completely covered with security forces and police personnel to completely avoid any terror  incidents.

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