Death of 27 migratory birds leads to bird flu scare in Himachal Pradesh

Previously also 5,000 migratory birds have died in the state due to Avian Influenza

There has been rising concern over the dead of 27 migratory birds in the Pong wetlands of Himachal Pradesh in the past few days. The forest official has said that 14 Bar Headed Geese were found on three consecutive days in Pong Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary in Kangra.

Divisional forest officer (wildlife) of Pong Dam, Rahul Rohne confirmed that the birds had died of unnatural causes and the field staff had disposed of the birds as per protocol.

Himachal Pradesh, which witnessed a spike in bird flu cases, the deaths of migratory birds the bar headed geese seem to be the latest victim of the H5N1 virus.

This incident occurs just after two months when the avian influenza wreck havoc in the region that had resulted in the death of over 5,000 migratory birds. Of these, 70 percent were the bar headed geese.

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