Durga Navami 2021: Do you know why it is celebrated?

The day also marks the final day of Maa Durga’s fight with the demon Mahishasura

Durga puja is the most celebrated festival of the people of West Bengal, where not only Bengalis but the entire state wait for almost a whole year to enjoy the 4-5 days of the puja.


It is like a tradition of West Bengal where people are always enthusiastic about the festival. Bengali people who stay out of Bengal or India return to their home town to enjoy the time of the year and forget all of their problems.


There are four major days of this festival and one of the most important days is Navami. From ancient times the durga puja is celebrated and Durga Navami is the third day of this festival in which we worship goddess Durga. The day also marks the final day of Maa Durga’s fight with the demon Mahishasura. On this day Maa Durga is also worshipped as Mahishasuramardini.


The day is one of the saddest days for the people and we perform rituals to bid farewell to the Goddess. On this day she is prepared to leave her maternal home for heaven. Many customs and religious rules are performed before the last day of the Durga Puja. Devotees still visit different panels and enjoy the third day with happiness and enjoy as the next day will be the last day of the festival.


After Navami, Dashami comes, which is the last day of the festival. People then again wait for one more year to enjoy the festival and wait for goddess Durga to return home.


Abirbhab Haldar

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