Durga Puja 2021 : Celebration of Homecoming, Happiness and Womanhood

Durga Puja festival is a major social and public event and is celebrated with music, dance and variety of food


As the city of Joy, Kolkata and India welcomes Durga Maa and celebrates her arrival in the mortal with great pomp, show and enthusiasm.


Different Durga Puja committees across West Bengal and other states welcomed the Goddess in the most creative ways.


Starting from the Sreebhumi Sporting Club's pujo pandal that depicts the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa to Dum Dum Park's depiction of the farmers protest across India.


Durga Puja festival is a major social and public event and is celebrated with music, dance and variety of food.


This is the festival where people wholeheartedly give their way in the celebrations


And the Bengali celebrities, like every year, are leading the pack. From shopping of new clothes and accessories to sharing loved family recipes and also visiting the local markets, our popular Bengali stars are enjoying it all. After all, it’s Durga Pujo in Bengal.


People across the state is busy with the Durga Pujo preparations, and popular brands too didn’t leave a chance to pay their respect to Goddess Durga.


Here are several Durga Pujo advertisements campaigns that how different brands welcomed Maa this year :


1. Kwality Walls : Let us begin with some dessert first. With one of the most popular ice-cream brand across the world. 'Pujo is about happiness, Pujo is about Kwality walls' is the the theme of the ad film.


The ad film show different sequences including homecoming, visiting Kumartuli and watching Durga Maa come to life, new love, couples looking forward to spend time, family and friends.


Altogether the ad films shows us how little moments during the festivity keeps us smiling throughout the year.


2. Pantaloons : 'You are the celebration' is the theme of the ad film by Pantaloons. The film portrays the celebration of woman in two different roles.


A female police officer and artist were gifted by their loved once and the people who


3. Amazon : Amazon India comes with musical ad film with a theme of ' Bakshe Bakshe, Aasche Pujo' which means in every box, there a little celebration of Durga Pujo.


Starting from the sound of bike's beep-beep, followed by the sound of doorbells, opening the boxes, bangles, whistles, laughter and Dhak. Amazon ad film is crafted musical cheer and welcomes Durga Maa with great enthusiasm, dance and music.


4. Reliance Trends : Trends came with an campaign based on theme of 'Taiyaar For Tyohaar'.


The ad film features Vicky Kaushal and Janhvi Kapoor. The film showcases the different rituals of the five day festival, the films start from aarti on Sashti to dhunuchi nach on Dashami.


5. Lakme: The one of the most popular cosmetic brand Lakme launches their Durga Pujo special collection this year.


The ad film features bollywood actress, Ananya Pandey in a beautiful red saree, decorating house, dancing on dhak beats with dhunuchi.

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