Durga Puja 2021: All you need to know about Maha Durga Ashtami

The Maha Durga Ashtami begins with the ritual of Mahasnan and Shodashopachar Puja

Durga Puja festivities have begun across country and people have been engaging in merriment in a safe manner amidst the fear of Covid-19 pandemic.
Durga Puja begins from Maha Sashti ends with Maha Dashami or Vijaya Dashami.
Maha Ashtami or the eighth day of the festival is one of the most important days and there are several doubts over the exact timing of Ashtami this year.
Durga Maha Ashtami will fall on 13 October, 2021. However the tithi for Ashtami has begun from 09.47 pm on 12 October and the tithi will last till 8.07 pm on 13 October.
Durga Puja with great festivity, pomp and show, and Durga Maha Ashtami sees the worship of the Chamunda incarnation of Goddess Shakti.
It is believed that during Ma Durga’s epic battle with thw demon Mahishasur, the goddess had killed demons Chanda, Munda and Raktabija on Ashtami.
As per to the Drik Panchang, the Maha Durga Ashtami begins with the ritual of Mahasnan and Shodashopachar Puja.
Nine colorful pots are kept as nine forms of the Ma Durga are worshipped as part of Maha Ashtami puja.
Also little girls are worshiped during Kumari Puja which also takes place on this specific day.
Followed by the Sandhi Puja which is most significant aspects of Maha Ashtami.
As per to the religious texts, the last 24 minutes of Maha Ashtami and first 24 minutes of Maha Nabami form the Sandhi Khan or a holy period.
And, according to the Drik Panchang, this period isconsidered to be the most important ritual of Durga Puja.

Nistha Jain

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