Durga Puja 2021: Is Kolkata still afraid to rejoice?

The city of joy is currently doing great in the matters of controlling the virus as the daily infection rate is below 1000

Considering the population of West Bengal, many people fear that this year's Durga Puja will be the main reason for initiating the third wave in West Bengal. Keeping aside the condition of the whole country, if we see the condition of the state, then we may be able to find different angles of a festival which is scheduled to happen in the next month.


Present scenario


The number of total cases in West Bengal is around 15.7 lakhs according to official data from the central and state government. 18,727 deaths are officially registered in the records. The government data shows that 45.9% of the population of West Bengal has been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine while 16.1% of the population are totally vaccinated.


We can see that at least 89% people in Kolkata are maintaining all the Covid-19 rules and are wearing masks but if you visit the districts, we can see some people who don't follow the rules and even are not vaccinated. It creates a chance for the spread of the disease and still people are reluctant.





The city of joy is currently doing great in the matters of controlling the virus as the daily infection rate is below 1000. Presently the city is preparing for the grand festival which only comes only once in a year. This is the only time of the year when middle class people buy a chunk of clothes which they wear for the whole year. The puja not only gives enjoyment to the people but also provides food for all the people who are involved in this festival directly or indirectly.


Now the question arises, are people really afraid to rejoice? Well we can say that people will enjoy the puja while maintaining Covid norms but the rushing crowd and the flood of people from districts to the main city will significantly reduce in this time. Some people are really afraid of the Covid and do not want their children to catch the deadly virus. While people who are fully vaccinated will definitely spread their wings as they were unable to enjoy the last year's Durga Puja and live the moment as if it is their last Puja of their life.


The health officials and experts have said that fully vaccinated people who are following the mask rule and are using sanitizers properly will not catch the virus.

The social distance will be a myth in this Puja but club authorities and organizers can definitely make some rules to beef up the protection and security of the people who will visit the pandel.


Predicting the actions of the people will be hard as bengalis love Durga Puja but we can see significant differences from previous years.


Recently Ganesh Chaturthi happened in Maharashtra. The state is in the top five list of Covid disease and contributes the majority of the number of new cases after Kerala. After the puja there was a little spike.


The state government has already ordered for minimum decorations and Kolkata police are also ordered to control the situation if it gets serious. For now we can only hope that the durga puja will be over without any major surge in the Covid-19 cases and we wish to stay below the 1000 daily cases mark.



Abirbhab Haldar

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