Durga Puja 2021: Top five movies to binge watch on Netflix

The movie list ranges from action, adventure, comedy to other groups too


Netflix has increased it's movie catalogs and has many films across its platform. The movie list ranges from action, adventure, comedy to other groups too.


Here are some of the best movies for you to binge watch :


1) Birdbox: Well if you have haven't watched this mysterious movie then you have missed some of the best cinematic experience and brilliant acting. This movie will hook you up till the end and will give you moments to remember. How a group of people survive an attack from creatures they can't see.


2) Extraction: The majority of the movie is shot in Bangladesh and features an international Bangladeshi gang. The movie's main character is played by Chris Hemsworth, who is seen performing some extraordinary action scenes. If you are planning for some action entertainment then this is the movie you should watch.


3) Enola Holmes: We all know how much famous Sherlock Holmes is. Here comes his little sister Enola Holmes who is equally intelligent and will solve one of the most important case of her life revolving around her mother. A best detective flick in the list.


4) Outside the Wire: This movie is about a time in the near future, where a drone pilot sent into a war zone and he finds himself paired up with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack. This is also a action flick with some serious twists.


5) La lA land : This movie is must watch for you if you want some romantic getaway. This is the movie which is close to realities and has successfully won the hearts of the people around the world. We won't say much about this master piece. Just watch the movie and you will find one of the best romantic stories of your life.a

Abirbhab Haldar

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