Durga Pujo 2021: Shubho Saptami today, know about Nabapatrika

The nine plants of Nabapatrika represent the nine avatars of Ma Durga

Goddess Durga is here with Lakshmi Ma, Saraswati Ma, Kartik and Ganesha. On Saptami early morning, Kola Bou Snan and Nabapatrika is the key ritual.
The ritual symbolises abundance, peace and prosperity. The nine plants of Nabapatrika represent the nine avatars of Ma Durga.
Nabapatrika is key ritual on Maha Saptami and very popular among the farmers in rural West Bengal and on this day as they pray for a good harvest.
Durga Pujo also corresponds with the nine-day Navratri. Even though the festival are celebrated at low-key due to the secondwave of Covid-19 pandemic induced restrictions, people are meeting and greeting eachother on online platforms.
Nabapatrika nine plants include Banana, Pommegranate, Ashoka, Colacassia, Turmeric, Bel or wood apple, Arum plant, Rice plant and jayanti plant
Banana plant represents Goddess Brahmani, Pomegranate representing Raktadantika, Ashoka tree symbolises Sokrahita, Colacassia plant represents Kalika, Turmeric plant represents Maa Durga, Jayanti stands for Kartiki, Bel plant or wood apple represents Goddess Shiva followed by Arum plant that represents Chamunda and Rice plant stands for Goddess Lakshmi.

Nistha Jain

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