Election Commission panel counsel in Supreme Court resigns

Ram was associated with the polling body since 2013.

Advocate Mohit D Ram, a panel counsel of the Election Commission of India (ECI) in the Supreme Court, has resigned from his post, reports said on May 7. In his resignation note, the lawyer reportedly cited the lack of consonance between his values and the "current functioning of ECI" as the reason to quit.

Ram was associated with the polling body since 2013. His exit comes amid the row over the ECI's decision to move the Supreme Court against the "harsh" remarks made by the Madras High Court over the Commission's alleged failure to prevent large-scale rallies in the recently held assembly polls.

"I have found that my values are not in consonance with the current functioning of the ECI; and hence I withdraw myself from the responsibilities of its panel counsel before the Supreme Court of India," LiveLaw quoted Ram as stating in his resignation letter.

"It was an honour to represent the Election Commission of India (ECI). I had a cherishing milestone of my career, in the journey which began with being part of the office of Standing Counsel of ECI and progressed as one of the panel counsels of ECI (since 2013),” he added.

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