Everything you need to know about the Durga Puja

West Bengal is one of the state where Durga Puja is celebrated elaborately

India is famous for its vibrant and unique culture and festivals and the rituals. People are following them and are keeping the traditions alive.


Normally the last 3-4 months of the year are completely filled with festivals and celebrations and among all these, the annual Durga Puja celebration is the central or main celebration in the eastern part of India among others. West Bengal is one of the state where Durga Puja is celebrated elaborately.


Durga Puja has been a great cultural influence in the state and if you are planning to visit west Bengal this Puja then you can have some information about the festival. Here we have brought some information about days of Durga Puja :



This is the first day of Durga Puja and the sixth day of Navratri. This day, placing of the pot invoking the Goddess takes place. The day is filled with for cultural programmes and also the ‘agomoni‘ programme takes place.


Maha Saptami:

The second day of Durga Puja begins with the offering of flowers to the Goddess and the bathing of the banana tree. It is a symbol of a married Bengali woman and is placed next to lord Ganesha. Mool Bhog is offered to Maa Durga. It is a special type of meal prepared for the Goddess.


Maha Ashtami:


The third and the most important day of the festival begins with pushpanjali and aarti. People perform the Kumari Puja, in which prepubescent girls are worshipped. The main highlight of the day is the sandhi Puja.



Maha Navami:


The last day of the festivity when the devotees celebrate it with an overwhelming sense of grief. People offer pumpkins to the Goddess.




The last day of the grand festival. The Goddess is prepared for her journey back to Mount Kailash. The sindoor Khela takes place in this day for which married women greet and smear some vermillion on Goddess Durga, and on themselves.


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