Five durga puja special recipes for you to try

One of the best thing about Durga Puja is the delicious people gets to enjoy

Bengal is all set to enjoy their Puja. Pandals are all set to welcome devotees with sparkling lights and decorations.
Because of Covid-19 the festival are  restricted quite a bit but still it is still being celebrated with great celebration.
One of the best thing about Durga Puja is  the delicious people gets to enjoy. If you are not in Bengal then you can try these foods in your home.
1) Pumpkin Leaf Wrapped Shrimp Fritters
Easy to cook. You have to paste the shrimp with turmeric and salt and add coconut paste, green chili paste and mash it properly. Then heat up oil and add kala jeera to it and add the shrimp mixture. After this add salt and sugar to taste. Your stuffing is ready, and now you have to slightly blanche a few pumpkin leaves and then add the shrimp mixture. Wrap it nicely and secure it with a toothpick. Now simply deep fry the bora and your crispy Bengali delight is done!
2) Dudh Potol
Peel the parwal vegetables properly and slit both the ends. Then on the other hand heat up oil and add a bay leaf and jeera and add cumin and coriander paste and sugar and stir until light brown. Now after that you have to add ginger paste and turmeric and a little bit of water. Finally add the parwal and red chili paste, then put boiled milk accordingly and salt to taste. Cover it until the vegetables are tender and then the last step, serve with ghee.
3) Kasundi Fish
Fry the pieces of fish any of your choice  until light brown. Then heat up mustard oil and add finely chopped chilies. Prepare a ginger garlic paste with the quality of garlic on the higher side. Now you have to take three spoons of Kasundi for around five pieces of fish and put some chaat masala and little bit of garam masala in it. Finally add the fried fish in the sauce and cook it until the fish is tender.
4) Chicken Malai Curry
Begin with pasting some almond, green chilies and garlic and chop some onions finely. Cut the chicken into small pieces. On the other hand heat up a pan and add some ghee to it to fry the onions. Add water, sugar and add the almond-chili-garlic paste. Mix chopped tomatoes, chicken and add salt. Stir frying the mixture add coconut milk. Finally add ghee and garam masala then cover for few minutes.
5) Raw Papaya Chutney
For this you have to slice up raw papaya very thinly and then start by making a sugar mixture. Then add the slices to the mixture and a pinch of salt. Boil it for ten minutes and you will see the papaya slices have become transparent. You can add some cashews and kismis to the mixture and boil for another two minutes. Serve it and it tastes best when chilled.

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