Five ideas to glam up this festive season for men

we have brought some suggestions for men to buy this Puja season


Men are always busy with work and so they get no time to decide what they should wear. They are often confused to decide what to buy and then select normal t-shirts for festivals. So we have brought some suggestions for them to buy this Puja season.


1) Kurta Pajama



The best ethnic wear for men and this one is will give a classic looks for both men and boys. You can wear some bright color set of kurta pajama and enjoy the festival.


2. Sherwani


Another ethnic wear for boys. The dress is like a long coat which is being buttoned up to the collar and talking about the length of the cloth it’s up to the knee. It can be worn in any occasion and can best for try.


3. Pathani Suits


The Pathani suits really looks nice and well dressed by someone. This rich material dress will be the suitable to wear during puja.


4. Bandhgala Kurta


Another traditional wear for men also known as Jodhpuri suits and it is specially designed for Indian men’s. This is a collection of a suit and a pant having rich fabric like silk. Best for Diwali.




5. Dhoti Kurta



An easier one for men and one of the traditional attire across India. You can wear it according to your regional style and you will look different from any other person in any group.


Abirbhab Haldar

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