Foods you should offer to Maa Durga as per your zodiac sign to bring peace and luck

These nine days, people worship nine avatars of Goddess Durga

One of the most significant Hindu festival, the Sharadiya Navratri began on 7 October and will end on 15 October with Dussehra. Navratri is the celebration of the mighty spirit of Goddess Durga and all her different avatars. The festival is the symbol of Goddess Durga’s victory after she defeated the demon Mahishasur. These nine days, people worship nine avatars of Goddess Durga.
For this occasion, devotees hop different pandals and buy new clothes. They also spend time with their families.
Here are some foods each zodiac sign should offer to Maa Durga to attain peace this Navratri season
Aries: They must offer any red fruits to Maa Durga to enhance their lives from covid, unwell, depression, jobless, the conflict between family and can keep fasting on fruits
Taurus: They should offer kheer and take sweet meal once a day during Navratri Fasting.l
Gemini: They are directed to do Durga saptshati path regularly and must keep fast with one time salty food
Cancer: They must offer kapur dhooni and should keep fast with white products to eat to enhance your life
Leo: Boondi ladoo to maa Durga is the best offering and consume sabudana and tomatoes
Virgo: Offer green vegetables to maa Durga and eat spinach
Libra: They should offer sabudana kheer and consume ladoo made with nariyal
Scorpio: They should offer nariyal to maa Durga and consume halwa made up with carrot
Sagittarius: They should offer makhana kheer and consume potatoes these days
Capricorn: They should offer almonds and have almond halwa
Aquarius: They should offer nariyal churma and can eat brinjal
Pisces: They should give Maa Durga patisa sweets and consume aloo halwa

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