Four female priests gears up for historic Durga Pujo debut

The female priestesses kept learning and improving their skills at each and every opportunity

The Rash Behari Avenue’s 66 Pally has appointed four female priestesses to perform all the rituals spanning for five days of the festival.
The 66 Pally becomes the first ever Durga Pujo Pandal to appoint female priests.
The four Hindu priestesses namely, Nandini Bhowmik, Ruma Roy, Seymanti Banerjee and Paulomi Chakraborty are gearing up to create history this Durga Pujo on October with this revolutionary yet refreshing change which is a fine example of women empowerment and gender equality.
With less than twenty days left for the biggest festival in the West Bengal’s calendar, the female priestesses are preparing to make the most of this unique opportunity.
Apart from all the love and honour showered upon them through the years for their performance at various social events including weddings, annaprasan, griha pravesh and shraddhas.
The female priestesses kept learning and improving their skills at each and every opportunity.
The Bengal's society keeps evolving with time and it's important to grow.
One of the female priests said that they all  have read all the portions and selected the ones that they want to present.
Nandini, who had initially refused to be a part of 66 Pally’s Puja as research work, studies and theatre left  her with little time for anything else said that their work is performance based, and they have hanging together Bangla songs in between hymns and chants.
She added that they even try to explain in Bengali about the Sanskrit hymns they chant along with what they are performing as part of the puja .
The four Hindu priests will create a history in an area dominated by male priests, not only in Bengal but also other parts of the country.

Nistha Jain

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