From Night Guard to IIM professor

Inspirational journey of the 28 year old

The inspiring journey of 28-year-old Ranjith Ramachandran graduating from IIT and now becoming an Assistant Professor at IIM, Ranchi is surely provide motivation to many.

Ranjith Ramachandran life tells the story of a long journey of hardship and patience which shows one can achieve anything in life with hard work and determination.

On Saturday, he shared on social media the picture of his small hut with polythene covered at his village at Panathur in Kasaragod district and wrote: “an IIM assistant professor is born in this house.’ Ranjith, in his Facebook post, also shared about the struggles of managing his college and job as he came from a low background. In his long post, he wrote, “I attended college during the daytime and worked at the telephone exchange at night.” He added, “Due to some luck, I got the job as a night security officer at the Telephone exchange in Panathur. During the day times, I would study. The doors opened in front of me for the academic career that I thought I had lost once.”

He was also working as an assistant professor at Christ University, Bengaluru, for the last two months, he said: “I wanted my life to inspire youths who are struggling to find success, my success should inspire other people’s dreams. At one time, after higher secondary school, I had thought of dropping higher education plan and finding a small-time job to support the family.”

Ranjith’s father, Ramachandran, is a tailor and mother an MGNREGS worker. They has three children, Ranjith is the eldest. The family lives in a small hut covered with polyethylene sheet. It has roughly 400 square feet area, with a kitchen and two cramped rooms for the five-member family. His post also went viral and got over 37,000 likes.

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