Fuel prices hike for 7th time in July, petrol over ₹100/litre in 18 states/UTs

Fuel prices in the country were hiked for the fourth time this week and 8 times as of July 10.

The oil marketing companies (OMCs) once again hiked the fuel rates on Saturday after keeping them unchanged on Friday.


Fuel rates are at an all-time high as consumers now have to shell out over rupees 100 for per litre of petrol in most Indian cities.


As per price notification,it is the eighth revision in July and fourth in week alone. Petrol was increased by 34 to 43 paise per litre while diesel went up by 28 to 36 paise a litre.


Petrol price has already crossed rupees 100 in more than half of the country that is in 18 states and all major cities.


Petrol in Mumbai rose to rupees 106.97 per litre while diesel is retailing rupees 97.5 per litre.


The city became the first metro in the country where petrol crossed over the rupees 100 per litre mark on May 29.


In national's capital Delhi, two days after crossing the rupees 100 mark, the petrol price is now inching closer to rupees 101. The petrol retailed at rupees 100.95 per litre while the diesel is retailing at rupees 89.92 per litre.


In Kolkata, petrol retailing at rupees 101.01 per litre and diesel retails at rupees 92.97 per litre.


Fuel prices differs from state to state depending on value-added tax (VAT), freight charges and other local charges.


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