Iconic Karachi Bakery Shuts down

MNS has taken the credit over the closure; but the owner cites business losses

Mumbai’s most iconic and age old Karachi Bakery shuts down due to the loss in business in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic situation. In an interesting note the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has taken the credit for the closure of the Karachi Bakery. But the owner has however refused the claim and stated that the bakery was shut “after the old lease agreement lapsed”.

Located in Bandra, the Karachi Bakery had clashed with MNS from last year over its “Pakistani” name. The MNS had objected the name and even the MNS vice president Haji Saif Shaikh had asked the Sindhi Shop owner in last year November 2020 to change the name as they felt it isagainst the Nation and Nationalist feeling. He even tweeted “After massive protest on Karachi Bakery for its name #Karachi led by Vice President of MNS, Karachi bakery finally closes its only shop in Mumbai.” However after his tweet MNS gave an official statement saying the party does not stand with Shaikh and stated "This is not at all the official stand of MNS. So, all please take note of it."

Owing to the controversy however the owner Rameswar Wagmare clarifies “There was no reason to succumb by changing our name. The bakery was a legitimate business with all valid licences and approvals. Our decision is based on business factors. Let others take credit for it if they wish.”

The most popular Karachi bakery is a Hyderabad based chain operated by the Sindhi Hindu Ramnani family, who came to India following Partition.

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