In Search of Bharat: 2 Big News of the day

Instead of a strong protest against the targeted killing, Abdullah's aim was against a film! On the other hand, Chinese media defends India's Wheat Ban

Farooq's Old Drama on Kashmiri Pandits - "We met J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday to raise the issue of the deteriorating law and order situation in Jammu and Kashmir. At the meeting, I told him that the film 'The Kashmir Files' has created hatred in the country. Is it possible that a Muslim killed a Hindu, put his blood in rice and asked his wife to eat it? Such things [films] should be stopped. Media that spreads hatred should be stopped," J&K National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah said. He added, "The atmosphere of hatred against Muslims in the country is giving rise to anger among Muslim youth in Kashmir."

This comes after the Govt employee and Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhat's Murder in the valley. It's a fact that Farooq is getting old but it seems he is now losing his sense of logic and smartness to handle a crisis which he practiced for many years and impressed so many people. At present, we don't have any idea whether anybody is ready to buy his logic to ban a film to solve the crisis of targeted killing of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley. Instead of a strong protest against the targeted killing, his aim was against a film! He has lost his confidence, I suppose.

Sharp criticism from G-7 after India's Wheat Ban, Chinese media defends India's stand - According to the Global Times, "if some Western countries decide to reduce wheat exports in the wake of a potential global food crisis, they will be in no position to criticise India, a country that faces pressure to secure its own food supply."

“Now, the agriculture ministers from G7 urge India not to ban wheat exports, then why won’t G7 nations themselves move to stabilise food market supply by hiking their exports," Global Times editorial raised the question. It also added, “Although India is the second-largest wheat producer in the world, it accounts for only a small part of global wheat exports. By contrast, some developed economies, including the US, Canada, the EU and Australia, are among major exporters of wheat."    

An unofficial 'cold war' between Russia and the 'Old Tiger' America, gives the World an opportunity to witness many 'impossible' geo-political chemistry which was unexpected even 6 months ago. It's just the beginning to balance a 'New World Order,' in and out of Asia. 

Jayanta Guha

Consulting Editor

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