India's first-ever legal sex toy store opens in Goa

The store is established by two competing sex product retailers - Kamakart and Gizomoswala.

Crucial topics like menstruation and sanitary pads have gained momentum among millennials in the past few years, but certain things on sex and sexuality still remain a hush-hush matter and sex shops are being one of them.

So to break the silence, a businessman from Goa has taken a bold step in ending this taboo by opening India's first-ever legal sex shop in Calangute.

Kama Gizmos is a sex toy and wellness products store in Goa which also happens to be the country's first official brick-and-mortar sex shop that was launched on February 14, according to a report.

The store is established after two competing sex product retailers - Kamakart and Gizomoswala - came together for a partnership. This business has a huge chance for a quick growth because the sale of sex toys in India during the lockdown phase in 2020 saw a 65% rise. But despite the rising demands, there are still only a handful of websites that sell sex toys. As for all the shady shops, they are all operating illegally. But, not Kama Gizmos, as the store sells a wide variety of sex toys and products such as viagra-like sprays, novelty condoms, gels, vibrators, pumps to harness, and more. A customer is allowed to physically check out the products before buying them.

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