India's first, "Mysterious Monolith" surface in Ahmedabad

6 feet tall and made of metal, this is the first instance of such a monolith in India.

In late 2020, there witness appearance of a series of metal columns was reported internationally. Often referred to as "monoliths", these sheet metal structures began to be constructed in the wake of the discovery of the Utah monolith, a similar metal pillar that was placed in a remote canyon in Utah, in the United States. The first such three-sided steel monolith appeared and disappeared after a few days in a remote desert of Utah, United States. Later, similar structures were spotted in around 30 countries.On December 29, 2020, a Monolith appeared at Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. One of the panels features etched numbers, relating to longitudes and latitudes of wildlife parks in India.  It was Asia’s first and Indian’s first appearance of monolith. Monolith is very large, upright piece of stone, especially one that was put in place in ancient times like stonehedge in UK.

However, unlike in other parts of the world, the mystery around the object did not last long as it was disclosed that a private company has installed it.The triangular prism-shaped structure, around seven feet tall, became a hit among city dwellers after it was spotted in a garden on SG Highway on December 29. The garden is jointly managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Symphony Ltd. Situated near Gurudwara in Thaltej area, it was one of the attractions inaugurated by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani recently.
"The monolith has been placed there by the Symphony Ltd which takes care of the garden. The structure has been installed by the company for the visitors. People can see their reflection on the shiny surfaces of the structure and take selfies too," said Director, AMC's Garden Department, Jignesh Patel.
The appearance and disappearance of monolith, creates lots of speculation and become hot topic of social media meme, some even propagate the alien theory, whereas according to some these monolths are just a form of street art.

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