Indian national sentenced to 22 yrs in jail for defrauding thousands of Americans

Pathan and his other conspirators used a several schemes to convince the victims to send money

A court in US has sentenced an Indian national to 22 years in jail for defrauding more than 4,000 Americans of over USD 10 million with his operation of an overseas robocall scam.

The accused is identified as the 40-years-old, Shehzadkhan Pathan who operated a call center in Ahmedabad from which automated robocalls were made to victims living in the US.

After initiating the contact with victims through these robocalls, Pathan and other associatiates at his call center would constraint, flatter, and trick victims.

The Department of Justice said on Thursday that they had pressurized victims into sending huge amount of cash via physical shipments and electronic money transfers.

Pathan and his other conspirators used a several schemes to convince the victims to send money.

Such schemes includes mimicking law enforcement officers from the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and also representatives of other government agencies, such as the Social Security Administration, to threaten them with severe legal and financial consequences.

The federal prosecutors stated that the conspirators had also convinced dupes to send money as an early installments for a falsely promised loans.

The Acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Raj Parekh said that this accused has been sentenced to 22 years in jail for being the mastermind and the Chief leader of a giant multimillion-dollar robocall scam that has exploited over 4,000 American dupes.

He said that impact of the harm imposed on the victims of these robocall scams that can be brutal.

Parekh added that the victims, many of whom are elderly, continue to live significant financial hardship from the destruction by the vast fraud enterprise.

Parekh said that Shehzadkhan Pathan operated and supervised the call center and was mimicking when speaking to victims.

Parekh said that conspiratorshad managed the money couriers that were illegally sent millions of stolen and hard-earned funds belonging to the victims back to his enterprise.

Raj Parekh says that as this case shows, " we will continue to work closely with our partners to investigate, apprehend, and prosecute transnational criminal enterprises that steal from vulnerable American victims, and will bring the perpetrators of these scams to justice no matter where they are located."

Pathan is the one of the of six accused and stands at fourth in this case to be sentenced for their role in the scamming.

Co-accused namely Pradipsinh Parmar who is 41-years-old, and Sumer Patel who is 38 years-old were from Ahmedabad.

Both has acted as money couriers during the scam and both are scheduled to be sentenced on September 20.

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