International Cat Day 2021: 5 Things you know if you're definitely a cat person

The day is set to raise awareness about cats and celebrate the bond between humans and cats.

Pets makes our day brighter whether it is a dog, cat ,bird or a fish and it is only fair to set aside a day to give thanks to our animal companions.


International Cat Day attempts to do by celebrating and raising awareness about the ways to care for cats in a holistic manner. This day is celebrated on August 8 every year across the world and was started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002.


This day promotes the needs and wants of cats and encourages their owners to find new ways to improve the bond with their pets and a special focus is made to promote the adoption of stray cats.


To mark International Cat Day, these are some things you will only know if you’re in love with cats :


1. Cats cuddles are the best : Having furry cat and having curled up on your lap, purring away, is the most relaxing feeling ever.


2. Cats are not well understood : A lot of people think cats are unaffectionate but you know that with time, you can even bond with the coolest kitty.


3. Your phone is loaded with cat pictures : If you are a cat lover then your phone and Instagram timeline have to be flooded with cat pictures and you cannot possibly delete any of their pictures as every little expression is just so cute.


4. You always choose cats over any pet : No matter how much dogs are adorable, loyal and devoted to their owners but for cats will be superior and you BFF (best feline friend).


5. Following cat’s rules is a must : Living with a cat means you are living in their world and from giving them daily treats, cleaning their litter box.

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