Kashiraj Nagar Durga Puja pandal in Uttar Pradesh to be based on Badrinath temple

The Puja at this pandal will begin on 11 October

The festival of Navratri fast is approaching rapidly and various decorations are being made by Durga Puja pandals designers in the city to design the puja pandals in a way that it finds similarities with other temples in India.


A huge number of people visit the Badrinath temple in Uttarakhand and so this Durga Puja pandal has been chosen to depict the Badrinath Dham temple. The team of fifteen artisans and technicians are working day and night to complete the Puja pandal at Kashiraj Nagar in the city before 10 October.


The Puja at this pandal will begin on 11 October. According to local Puja organizers, they decided to choose the theme because a large number of people visit Badrinath Dham every year from the city but due to the pandemic, the devotees were not able to visit Badrinath Dham.


The organizers realised that devotees wished to visit Badrinath Dham to offer prayers to deities and so the committee members decided that this year, they would depict their Puja pandal as Badrinath Dham temple.


When the people visit the Puja pandal at Kashiraj Nagar, they would definitely feel that they are standing on the premises of Badrinath Dham. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, strict rules will be followed by the puja committee to stop any spread of coronavirus.

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