Kolkata's Alimuddin Street brings back Durga Puja after 15 years

Muslims are taking all the responsibility of the puja and are ready to enjoy the puja with the whole Kolkata

Kolkata is ready and is packed with pandals this Durga Puja season, following all the rules and regulations of Covid-19.


Many pandals are made with extraordinary ideas each competing with the other to win the hearts and minds of the people, while this Durga Puja in the center of Kolkata stands to convey a message and upholds the spirit of communal harmony.


This Puja is being organised by Muslims and Hindus, with the former being numerically more. Muslims are taking all the important responsibility of the puja and are ready to enjoy the puja with the whole Kolkata.


This special puja also marks the return of Bengal’s biggest festival to Alimuddin Street after 15 years. It is a Muslim area, with Hindu families less in number.


Local Muslims people said that the entire city is always wrapped in excitement and happiness while their area is not, so they decided to arrange this year's Puja in the locality. It marks the return of the puja after

15 years. Before Alimuddin Street would also enjoy, with the locals organising a Durga Puja but as the years rolled by, most Hindu families migrated to other places, putting a stop on celebrations.


"Everyone who lives in Bengal is a Bengali by heart. My father Wasiur Rahman would actively participate in Durga Puja several years ago. I, too, enjoyed the festival a lot as a child. I am delighted that we are organising Durga Puja again after such a long time." said Tauseef Rahman, a social activist.


The puja will follow every rule by the Hindu religion and the locals will assist and bear every penny of the expenses required for the Durga Puja. The pandel is located on a pavement on AJC Bose Road, close to the CPM’s state headquarters at Alimuddin Street and opposite Pratt Memorial School.

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