Kolkata teens start oxygen parlour for those in need

Along with an NGO, they have opened a five-bed oxygen parlour in a private school in Kolkata.

Former students of South Point School in Kolkata in collaboration with an NGO have opened oxygen parlours which are providing oxygen to the ones who need it.


Along with NGO Deshopran Task Force, the organisers have opened a five-bed oxygen parlour operational since May 24 in a private school in South Kolkata.


"We have started this facility since May 24. We contacted the local councillor of 70 number ward, Ashim Basu, who helped us with the space. Our main goal is to provide primary assistance to the ones who seek oxygen, be it a Covid or non-Covid patient," said Sanjay, a member of the organising group.


A five-bedded facility will provide oxygen to the ones in need. There will be a replica of the unit at another in another section of the city.


What started as an initiative of a few ex-students of a school picked pace with the support of two NGOs in the city.

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