Law Minister warns Twitter in Rajya Sabha

"We have flagged Twitter and is in dialogue with them," said Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday, while addressing the worsening of Centre-Twitter relationship, warned the social media platform that it has to respect the law of the land.

The micro blogging site has found itself in a stand-off with the government after it refused to go with last week's order to remove some accounts, including those of news organisations, journalists, activists and politicians, citing that its “principles of defending protected speech and freedom of expression.”
"We have flagged Twitter and is in dialogue with them. Why is it that when police has to act in U.S. Capitol Hill they stand in support, but when a similar action is taken at Red Fort, they oppose it? Why this double standard?"
Speaking in Rajya Sabha, Prasad stated that social media platforms cannot be used to encourage hate. "We respect social media. It has empowered common people. We respect criticism... you can criticise even the Prime Minister. But if social media is used to propagate hate, action will be taken. You cannot spread hate messages like 'PM harassed farmers'," he said.
The Union Minister also said that he is in talks with Minister of Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar on revisiting social media guidelines.
"When you become a platform, you make your own law and India's laws will have no place in it? That is not how it works. You bring money and do business, but you have to respect the law of the land. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I have a message for all of you — come, work in India, earn money, but you will have to follow India's laws," said Prasad.

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