Listen to 10 hits songs of Kishore Kumar this Puja

During Durga Puja the elderly generally do not like to listen to modern songs

We can't forget the legendary singer Kishore Kumar who sang many melodious songs in our childhood and during durga puja his songs would always be played.Those songs are just a treat from our childhood.

He was also an actor who had many comic and series movies under his hood. His devotional and spiritual songs also have a special impact on the people. Those devotional songs were famous at that time and even people listen to those songs presently.

During Durga Puja the elders of our houses generally don't like to listen to modern songs. Specifically our grandparents who love to listen to old songs during puja to remember their youth times.

So we present some of the famous songs sung by Kishore Kumar which you can listen to during festivals. These songs are spiritual and devotional.

1)  Akash kano daake
2) Chalo jai chole jai
3) Haowa megh saraye phul jharaye
4) Ei je nadi jay sagare
5) Aamar pujar phul
6) Bam Bam Bhole Baba Chhaya Nasha
7)Bhole Shankar
8)Prabhuji Teri Leela Aparampaar
9) Bidhir Bandhon Katbe Tumi
10)Devi Mata Rani

Abirbhab Haldar

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