Local Muslims Resident in Kolkata Revive a Durga Puja After 9 Years

A Durga puja pandal is setting up near Pratt Memorial School on AJC Bose road in Kolkata


Local Muslim residents of a locality in West Bengal's capital, Kolkata are reviving a Durga Puja pandal with the help of the Hindu families there.


According to a report by a leading daily, Durga Puja was discontinued for nine long years after the Bengali Hindus residents of the area has moved out of there.


Three Hindu families that stayed back, were not able to continue the Durga Puja tradition in the locality near Alimuddin street.


A Durga puja pandal is setting up near Pratt Memorial School on AJC Bose road in Kolkata.


The report informed that two members of the Hindu families that had stayed behind were Jayanta and Sharmila Sen and were approached by the local Muslim residents.


The local muslim residents went to inquire about organising the Durga Puja, as they did not know about the rituals and traditions involved in it.


Sharmila Sen said that they were both amazed and touched by the gesture.


She said organising a festival of the greatness of Durga Puja in Kolkata is no small thing and it takes a lot of planning and fund management.


And she added that has to be done for this one and that too by the people who were not well-versed with how to go about it.


The report also stated a group was formed and funds were arranged, after which Jayanta Sen, Mohammad Tauseef Rahman, among others picked up the Ma Durga idol from Kumartuli.


Mohammad Tauseef Rahmman acts as a social activist said that this puja set up in the locality will further cement the communal harmony in the place.


As the Covid-19 pandemic has hindered the plans of Durga puja committees and grand celebrations.


The most important festival in Bengal is most likely to be celebrated with similar Covid-19 guidelines that were followed last year.

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