Maize crop demands high, but mandi prices rule below MSP

The union government in 2019-20 had allowed import of 5 lakh tonne of maize crop at 15 per cent concessional duty

The demand for maize in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is rugged amidst poultry rates are breaching up on record increase in soyabean rates.


Farmers in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Punjab will continue to sell the lentil at below minimum support price (MSP) of rupees 1,850 per quintal.


However, this has not dissuade farmers from sowing maize in the ongoing kharif season and area coverage under the coarse cereal has seen a rise in many states across the nation.


According to Agmarknet portal, the average mandi price for maize in July was rupees 1,571 per quintal and arrival was 1.66 lakh tonne in UP and in Punjab rate was rupees 1,345 and arrival was 18,019 tonne.


While, the average mandi rates were rupees 1,830, rupees 1,860, rupees 1,880 per quintal in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, respectively, where arrivals were very low.


Although these three states are also major producers and the demand is quite high as many of the poultry units are located there.


As per the agriculture ministry data, the total area under the crop has crossed the season’s normal 74.68 lakh hectare, as of August 6 and was also up by 3 per cent from year-ago.


But the cropland in Maharashtra was lagging behind this year largely due to farmers shift to soyabean crop.


The official data stated that the cropland under maize was 3 per cent lower at 8.1 lakh hectare while that of soyabean was about 6 per cent higher at nearly 44.5 lakh hectare.


The third biggest producer of kharif maize, Rajasthan showed the sowing deficit narrowed down by 7 per cent as of August 6 which was 17 per cent as of July 30 which is a good alternative in low rainfall areas.


Nonetheless, the farmers may continue to shift to soyabean crop after rainfall improved during last week and a very little time left to sow maize as field needs to be cleared before mid-November for rabi crops.


The union government had allowed import of 5 lakh tonne in 2019-20 of non genetically modified maize crops at 15 per cent concessional duty against normal import duty of 60 per cent through Nafed and MMTC.

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