Mehul Choksi calls arrest 'dictated by India', moves Dominica HC to quash proceedings

Fugitive Mehul Choksi was arrested on May 23 in Dominica for illegal entry.

The runaway businessman Mehul Choksi has approached the High Court of Dominica seeking judicial review, claiming abuse of process in illegal entry proceedings against him.


Mehul Choksi's attorney have filed a case in the High Court of Dominica against the Chief of Police, investigating police officer Alleyne Maximea, the Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore and Chief Magistrate Candia Carette George.


In his petition, Choksi has request to retract the criminal charge brought against him for breach of Section 27A of the Immigration and Passport Act.


Fugitive Mehul Choksi went missing from Antigua and Barbuda where he had been living since 2018 after his escape from India.


Choksi was arrested on 23 May, 2021 in neighbouring Dominica on the grounds of illegal entry and was declared as a prohibited immigrant by the Ministry of Immigration in Dominica.


The 62-year joaillier wanted in connection with a rupees13,500 crore scam in the Punjab National Bank has approached the high court in Dominica.


He said that he is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda where he has challenged a move to deport him.


He alleged that he was kidnapped from Antigua and Barbuda and forcefully brought to Dominica by Indian men.


Choksi also alleged that he had narrated his torment to the Dominican police but they did not initiate any investigation on his allegations.


Reportedly, Mehul has requested for a "permanent order staying the criminal charge" brought against him for illegal entry.


He has also requested the court that the minister of immigration and national security declaring him an illegal immigrant was a contravention of the principles of natural justice and so it is null and void and of no effect


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