Minor girl in Kerala secretly delivers baby with help of YouTube videos

The girl on her own performed all the medical procedures

The Internet has helped people a lot in recent days. From useful information and study materials for students to how to shoot a gun if you are a newbie, everything can be found on Google and a large source of this information comes through one of the most popular video websites 'YouTube'.


Recently, in a bizarre incident a 17-year-old girl in Kerala’s Malappuram district is reported to have given birth to a baby boy at home secretly only by following the tips from some YouTube videos.


The surprising incident took place a few days ago in a place in Kottakkal. The minor girl did not inform about her pregnancy or even about childbirth to her mother for months and it is also known that her mother is partially visually impaired.


The Police said that the mother only came to know about the child's birth a day after the delivery on 20 October.


The girl on her own performed all the medical procedures and cut the umbilical cord and disposed off the placenta by following tips from YouTube videos.


This incident came into limelight when the minor girl reached a medical college hospital on 23 October after she had developed a postpartum infection due to childbirth.


The local police took steps and have registered a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against a 21-year-old boy from Kottakkal who is accused to be the father of the baby.


Police officials said that the minor girl did not give any statement against the accused person as they were in a relationship. The police further said that the accused is a neighbour and both the families knew about their relationship.


The both the family were planning to get them married after the girl turned 18 but now the accused has now rape charges against him. The girl remained inside her room after she got pregnant and said her family members that she was attending online classes.


Police are said that there were reports that her mother took her twice to a private hospital in the last few months as she reported a stomach ache but the doctors in the hospital didn't even realise that she was pregnant.


Presently, the girl and the child are under treatment and the baby is healthy and safe.

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