Moderna 76% effective against Delta, Pfizer only 42%: Study

Both the vaccines were highly effective during hospitalization

Moderna's vaccine is better at preventing infection against COVID-19 Delta variant than Pfizer, study reveals.


A study showed that the effectiveness of the Moderna vaccines superior than any other widely used vaccine though all vaccines can protect against severe Covid-19 infections and death.


The research conducted used PCR testing data from the Mayo Clinic Health System's sites in several US states and portrayed that from the people, fully vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer, no deaths were reported even while some of the people in the study were over 65 years old.


While conducting the research, Moderna showed more effectiveness by 86% against infection. Both the vaccines were highly effective during hospitalization.


The real concern became the Delta variant which is the dominant strain in the US and accounted for more than 70% of cases in US. Against the variant, Pfizer's effectiveness against infection dropped to 42%, while 76% in Moderna.


Much of the data still remains unclear as the study also did not say whether the drop in effectiveness is due to vaccines losing their potency over time or because they are not as effective against Delta, or a combination of both.


While it will take time to determine the studies and compile the data collected all over the world, it clearly shows that covid is evolving day by day and the vaccines have to increase their power of efficiency in order to combat against the virus.


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