Nipah virus returns to Kerala

The government of India has rushed a special team of the National Centre for Disease Control to Kerala

The Nipah virus is again found in Kerala which targeted a 12-year-old boy. The boy was admitted to a hospital in Kerala’s Kozhikode with symptoms of the virus. He passed away on Sunday morning.


The victim hailed from Choolur in Chathamangalam panchayat, was admitted to the hospital on 1 September. His test reports and some samples were sent to the Pune National Institute of Virology and the institution confirmed the presence of the Nipah virus.


The government of India has rushed a special team of the National Centre for Disease Control to Kerala. The state government is taking decisive steps and held a high-level meeting of health officials after they got the information about the Nipah infection.


Kerala Health Minister Veena George said that the people who were in the primary contact list of the deceased boy did not show any symptoms but are being kept under strict supervision. She said “Three samples– plasma, CSF and serum– were found infected. He was admitted to the hospital with a heavy fever four days ago. But on Saturday, his condition became worse. We had sent his samples for testing the day before yesterday”.


The neighbouring districts like the Kannur and Malappuram districts are told to remain cautious by the health minister. The state government said that they have prepared a plan to counter the virus from spreading.


According to records, the last time the Nipah virus was reported in Kerala was in the year 2019 in Kochi. In 2018, an outbreak occurred in the districts of Kozhikode and Malappuram which had claimed 17 lives. The disease has no vaccine or treatment so far.


The virus which is scientifically named as Nipah henipavirus or is normally known as Nipah virus, is a bat-borne virus which causes infection to humans and has a high mortality rate. It is a zoonotic virus which can be transmitted to humans from animals such as bats and pigs.

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