Old Rs 1, Rs 5 coins and Rs 10 notes can fetch you up to Rs 1 lakh online; Know how

If you own coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10 with goddess Vaishno Devi engraved on them then you can earn lakhs of rupees.

We have often read or heard about people earning lakhs of rupees by selling old things on websites. So, when the things get old, they fall in the antique category and at times the old things great demand in the international market and so they are sold for a high rates.

So, if you are a numismatist and or have a hobby of collecting old coins then you can also become a millionaire by selling these

According to reports, if a person own coins of rupees 5 and rupees 10 with Mata Vaishno Devi engraved on them them you can earn lakhs by putting them up for auction. These coins were issued by the government in 2002 and are in high demand among the Hindus.

CoinBazzar which claims to be a leading company in the study or collection of coins, tokens, paper money, medals and related objects is offering to buy such items.

CoinBazzar is also encouraging children as well as adults to develop an exercise of collecting rare coins or paper money.


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