Petrol, diesel prices hike after 18 days

Check the rates here of four metro cities

Again adding woes to worries to the people, the Petrol and diesel prices have been hiked up to 18 paise across the metros on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

This hike came after 18 days, when the fuel price was reduced.

The new rates of four metro cities are as follows according to the Indian Oil Corporation, the state-run oil refine:-

In Delhi, petrol prices have been increased by 15 paise from Rs. 90.40 per litre to Rs. 90.55 per litre and diesel prices have been raised by 18 paise from Rs. 80.73 per litre to Rs. 80.91 per litre. In Mumbai, the revised prices of petrol and diesel are Rs. 96.95 per litre and Rs. 87.98 per litre respectively. In Chennai, the revised price for petrol and diesel are Rs. 92.55 and Rs. 85.90 respectively. In Kolkata the prices are Rs.90.73 for petrol and Rs. 83.78 for diesel.

Presently, fuel prices are the highest in Mumbai among the four metro cities. Petrol and diesel prices vary across states in India due to the value-added.

The state-run oil marketing companies - Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum support the rates of domestic fuel with the global crude oil prices by taking into account changes in the foreign exchange rates. The new changes in fuel prices are come into effect from 6 am each day. 

Indian Oil shares rose as much 1.63 per cent, Bharat Petroleum ascended 2 per cent and Hindustan Petroleum to 3.2 per cent.

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