Question raised for Cancer causing substance in J&J baby products - drug regulator summoned

There is no uniformity in the testing methods to detect the presence of formaldehyde and asbestos, the cancer causing agent in Johnson and Johnson baby products: NCPCR

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights summons Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) over the lack of consistency and standardisation in testing methods for identifying the presence of cancerous material in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo and talcum powder. The testing was for formaldehyde and asbestos in the product, both have been identified as a carcinogen substance that promotes the formation of cancer in the body.

NCPCR has asked the DCGI to appear before it on 12 March to explain why the CDSCO has not controlled the standards and uniformity in the ‘Testing Methods.’ There is no uniformity in the testing methods used by labs to detect the presence of formaldehyde and asbestos in J&J's products, according to NCPCR.

The NCPCR has also asked whether the said testing method so used is accredited by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission or any other authority, and why no proper information available. This is not the first time, the Johnson’s baby products came under the investigation in March 2019 when drug inspectors in Rajasthan claimed that they had found formaldehyde in two batches of its 'No More Tears' baby shampoo.

However, the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL), Kolkata said it was safe to use the shampoo.

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