Rooster arrested in Telangana

The police later took the rooster to the police station in protective custody.

Nabbing a criminal who committed a murder can be easy for the police but the same has become a tough task for the Jagtial police in Telangana as they have to keep a rooster who is apparently responsible for the murder of his owner.

According to a report by the Times of India, the case concerns to a man, identified as Tanugalla Satish, who died due to knife injuries at the Lothunur Village on February 22. The victim had gone to a temple in the area, where people had gathered for a cockfight secretly. For the unversed, organising cockfights is illegal.

Satish also took his rooster with him for the fight. As the man released his rooster for the fight with another cock, the three-inch knife (known as Kodi Kaththi), which is tied to one of his legs, pierced Satish in the groin. Following the injury, he was rushed to a hospital where he died due to extensive bleeding.

The police took the rooster to the police station in protective custody, where the bird was later shifted to a poultry farm under protection. “We tied it to a tree for some time and took care of it,” Gollapalli SHO Jeevan said as quoted by Times of India. The officer further said that the rooster cannot be accused of murder but the police have to produce him in court. Currently, the Gollapalli police are investigating the case further in which the rooster is the key.

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