Shubh Mahurat and Puja Timing for Ravana Dahan

Dusshera is one of the most popular and important festival of the Hindu religion

If we follow the Panchang, 15 October, 2021, Friday is the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month and this date is known as Vijay Dashami and Dusshera.
Dusshera is one of the most popular and important festival of the Hindu religion. It has a special significance as it is believed that on this day, Lord Ram killed evil Ravan and liberated the earth from Ravana’s tyranny. The festival is also a celebration of the victory of the good over evil and also Vijay Dashami, weapons are also worshipped.
The 'Ravan Dahan' ritual will be performed on Dashami on 15 October. Traditionally, the effigies of Kumbhakarna and Meghnad are also burnt, along with the effigy of evil Ravana.
The Abhijit Muhurat is from 11:36 pm to 12:24 pm while the auspicious time for Ravan Dahan is from 19.26 pm to 21.22 pm.
As per the Panchang, the moon will transit in Capricorn on this day and Shravan nakshatra is on Friday. On this day, a combination of three planets is being formed in Capricorn and Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon will stay together in Capricorn.
The Vijayadashami, as per the Panchang, the time of Vijay Muhurat is from 02.02 pm to 02.48 pm on 15 October. The Dashami Tithi will start on 14 October, 2021, at 06:52 pm and will end on 15 October, 2021, at 06:02 pm and the Durga Visarjan will also be performed on this day.

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