Srinagar-Jammu highway closed due to landslide

After 8 hours only some services has restored; but still many vehicles are stranded due to mudslides in the area

The Srinagar-Jammu National Highway blocked since 3 am today due to a landslide at Shabanbas Banihal. An official has also confirmed that the highway was blocked by the landslide from the early morning. An oil tanker was also getting struck after a part the road fully washed away. This highway has remained mostly open for one-way traffic during the winter and the highway also acts as a lifeline of the Kashmir valley by connecting Kashmir with the rest of the country. The Kashmir-bound trucks laden with essential supplies and other vehicles pass through the highway. So, the closure of the roads had put pressure on the moving vehicle.

Several changes of routes had taken place due to the conundrum. Some services have been resume after the mudslides have been cleared. After 8 hours of being stranded one way traffic can be restored; the Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) plying from Jammu to Srinagar had to pass to Zig Qazigund, while the no vehicle are allowed from opposite directions. The Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) which stranded at Jawahar Tunnel and Banihal will be allowed to move towards Jammu.

The historic 86km Mughal road which is a second road link connecting Kashmir valley with the Jammu region through Bafliaz in Poonch is also closed due to snow accumulation.

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