Tamil Nadu, Kerala inoculates livestocks against Anthrax

No cases of anthrax have been reported as of now after the wild elephant's demise.

The animal husbandry departments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala have kick-started inoculating the livestock near the Anaikatti border after an Anthrax-affected wild elephant in the Anaikatti forest area died frightening others.


The veterinary department of Tamil Nadu with the joint effort of the animal husbandry department, are vaccinating livestock, including cow, goat, buffalo and ox. The veterinary department is cautious as the elephant which died due to Anthrax would have used water from the nearby water bodies and can affect others.


In the Coimbatore forest region, three teams of veterinarians have been formed to visit the farms and houses in Sembukkarai and Mangarai to vaccinate domestic animals. However, no cases of anthrax has been reported as of now.


A statement from the Regional Joint Director of Animal Husbandry R Perumalsamy, read that 500 vaccines have been brought for the vaccination drive although the number of livestock in the region is nearly 250. The total region of Anaikatti is 8 km while the infectious zone is limited to 3 km only which mainly consists of the area of the forest.


Last similar case was witnessed in 2016 when a cow in Alandurai died of the disease.

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