Terrorism to democracy: Key takeaways from PM Modi's speech at UNGA

He stressed on the need to protect oceans from "the race for expansion and exclusion."


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Saturday in New York. The PM had spoke on a series of issues including COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism, Afghanistan and climate change. 


Modi's address comes straight from the Quad summit on Friday when he also held a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House.


Here are the key takeaways from PM Modi's speech at UNGA:




Launching attacks after attacks on Pakistan, Modi said that countries with "regressive thinking" that are using terrorism as a "political tool" must understand that it is an "equally big threat" for them also.


He also called for ensuring that no country "tries to take advantage of the delicate situation in Afghanistan and use it for its own selfish interests."


Modi raised concerns about Pakistan during talks with US President Joe Biden as well as a broader four-way summit with the leaders of Australia and Japan, according to Indian officials, who said the others concurred.




In his speech, he stressed on the need to protect oceans from "the race for expansion and exclusion." "Our oceans are also the lifeline of international trade. We must protect them from the race for expansion," PM Modi said.


He added that the international community must speak in one voice to strengthen rule-based world order.




The most crucial topic, he started his speech by paying respects to the millions of people who lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic.


"In the last 1.5 years, the entire world has been facing the worst pandemic in 100 years, I pay tribute to all those have lost their lives in this deadly pandemic and I express my condolences to their families," he said.


The Prime Minister lauded the role played by India in helping the world combat the pandemic. He said that India has also started giving vaccines to the needy of the world, referring to the government's plan to resume exports of anti-Covid shots next month.


UN reforms


The Prime Minister also batted strongly for reforms at United Nations in order to safeguard global order, global laws and global values.


He said that the credibility of bodies like UN have come into question lately over issues like Covid-19 origins and climate crisis. PM Modi further said that proxy war going on in many parts of the world, terrorism and the recent crisis in Afghanistan have further highlighted the seriousness of these questions.




PM Modi said that he represents a country which is proud to be known as the "mother of democracy".


"I represent the country which is known as the mother of democracy. India enters 75 years of its independence this year. Our diversity is the identity of our strong democracy," he said.


"In a country that has dozens of languages, hundreds of dialects, different lifestyles and cuisines. This is the best example of vibrant democracy," he added.


He also cited his own rise from a tea seller at a railway station to that as prime minister to underscore the strength of India's democracy.



Sakchi Khandelwal

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