Things need to be avoided at all cost in Karwa Chauth

The karwa Chauth fast is kept with the wish of the husband's long life

Karwa Chauth is a day dedicated to love and trust between a husband and wife. It is popularly celebrated in North India.



The karwa Chauth fast is kept with the wish of the husband's long life and the women can break their fast only after worshipping the moon in the evening. This is a strict fast and women cannot eat anything all day, even a single drop of water or food for that matter.


In this year, Karwa Chauth will be observed on 24 October.



Here are some important factors to remember during Karwa Chauth :


1) The women who is fasting must wake up at 4 am in the morning and eat sargi. After this you cannot consume a single drop of water throughout the day.


2) On this day, if a woman who is observing the fast disrespect her mother-in-law or any elderly person, then the purpose to keep the fast gets ruined.


3) One should offer Halwa-Puri as a bhog and then the bhog prasad should be given to the mother-in-law as it is considered as good luck.


4) Especially on this day, married women must not give dairy products like milk, curd to anyone before worshiping the moon. Even rice and white is prohibited. It is widely considered inauspicious.


5) A woman fasting should never wear black and white clothes on this day.



One should also wear the Mangalsutra on this day. Mangalasutra has a very special significance in marital life. Mangalsutra is a garland of black beads that married women wear around their neck and is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and marital bliss. It is believed that wearing protects the husband. It is also a symbol of protection and opulence for women.


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