Tips to handle overheated engine

When going on a long trip be prepared with having extra coolant.

Engine overheating is a very big and common issue in cars. This happens when the engine is in active mode for a long time without any break.


In the long run, too much efficiency of the engine will reduce the lifespan of the engine. Checkout these tips one can take to minimise engine overheating.


When going on a long trip be prepared with having extra coolant or distilled water in the trunk to cool down the engine after a long run.


Distilled water is recommended as it has less minerals, but tap water will also do the thing. As water has the highest latent heat of water it absorbs the highest amount of heat from any surface.


One should always keep the eye on the temperature gauge showing engine temperature. Many people while driving do not see the engine temperature gauge which is a bad thing.


If there is some smoke seen coming out from the hood, then the car should be parked aside and the hood should be opened to cool the engine faster. If that is also not possible then one should switch the AC to maximum power on the blower fan.

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